What is Beach Blanket Babylon?

Beach Blanket Babylon, San Francisco’s hilarious pop-culture musical revue, is a perfect night out with friends. Celebrating over 15,000 performances, and seen by nearly six million people from around the world, this internationally acclaimed production continues to delight audiences at Club Fugazi in San Francisco’s North Beach district with its spectacular costumes and outrageously gigantic hats!

Beach Blanket Babylon follows Snow White as she takes a fast-paced journey around the world in search of her “Prince Charming.” Along the way she encounters a star-studded, ever-changing line-up of hilarious pop-culture characters including Donald and Melania Trump, Vladimir Putin, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Hamilton, Barack and Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, Prince, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner,  Kellyanne Conway, Adele, Sia, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Kim Kardashian & Kanye West, Oprah, Princess Leia and the San Francisco Giants.